Square One Show: with Dave & Jess

Successful Hiring and Team Building with Dan Van Matre

May 10, 2017 Square One Show Episode 28
Square One Show: with Dave & Jess
Successful Hiring and Team Building with Dan Van Matre
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Show Notes

Your business is growing - and you need to learn how to hire GREAT people and build a team. What does it take? Who do you look for? We asked our friend Dan Van Matre, former manager at Chick-Fil-A - about their incredible hiring process. Dan has great insight into team building that comes from his background in many different fields of experience. We think you'll love this conversation and are sure to walk away with life-long applications.

Some of the conversations cover things like:

  • What is the difference between Behavioral Values and Aspirational Values?
  • What kind of great experience are you creating for your customers?
  • How do you find people who have a service mentality?
  • How do you engage and connect with your customers?

What we love about this conversation is the great answers and ideas that Dan provided. We all believe in this holistic approach to hiring the right people: making sure you hire someone who lines up with your culture & core values. 


"It's listening to people's stories and validating their experiences by giving them opportunities to achieve great things for themselves."


You can contact Dan at DanVanMatre@gmail.com


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